Our Subrogation Practice Group is results-directed and competitively-priced. The Practice Group attorneys have extensive legal experience and technical knowledge. We are committed to the early and comprehensive development of all facts and circumstantial information. We recognize that a prompt and thorough investigation is essential to a recovery. Our emphasis is to expend the appropriate effort and costs, where reasonable and cost-effective, at the earliest possible time, to maximize and expedite recoveries.

Our Subrogation Practice Group offers options to our clients with respect to fees and alternative billing programs. We are flexible and work to understand each client’s need in terms of their procedures, recovery expectations and handling requirements. It is our practice and experience to tailor a subrogation program that is right for each client.

We offer prompt and on-site attorney involvement in cause and origin investigations. With technical backgrounds and training, our attorneys have the ability to comprehend complex causation issues and, with that understanding, fashion meaningful theories of recovery, particularly when it comes to dealing with experts and their opinions. We pride ourselves in being able to locate the right expert for each particular situation. Some significant matters where the Subrogation Practice Group has been involved include:


Practice Areas: