Arson and Fraud


Our Arson and Fraud Practice Group has, for over 30 years, been involved in the investigation and defense of fraudulent and exaggerated insurance claims. Practice Group attorneys have served as Cook County Bomb and Arson prosecutors, Chairman of the State Arson Advisory Committee, Members of the Illinois State Arson Award Committee, Governor’s Fire Advisory Commission, Illinois Committee on Arson Prevention, Illinois Fire Investigator Strike Force, National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators and International Society of Special Investigators. These positions reflect the experience and skill of firm attorneys as well as an awareness of the value and need for public and industry service. Arson and Fraud Practice Group attorneys regularly serve as panelists in industry programs and trainers at S.I.U. meetings.

A sound case can be established in an early and thorough site investigation, document collection, financial investigation, interviews and examinations under oath. Firm attorneys are experienced in the utilization and management of these claim investigative tools. Hands-on experience and interaction with fire cause and origin investigators, S.I.U. personnel, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, police and fire investigators, FBI and ATF agents, provides the requisite information and cooperation for the full development of available claim defenses and litigation support. The following partial list identifies several of the firm’s recent successful jury verdicts against fraudulent claims:

Successful verdict in an arson jury trial and $500,000 judgment against the insured under Illinois’ Insurance Fraud Statute;

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